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1) To honor the great comedy legends who have dedicated their lives to enhancing the quality of ours by sharing with us their humor and bestowing upon us the greatest gift of all, Laughter.

2) To educate the public about the history of comedy in American Theater.


The National Comedy Hall of Fame Museum is a family oriented facility. It includes puppets, clowns and cartoons to entertain the younger generation, to the brilliance of comedy legends like Burns & Allen for everyone to enjoy. We now have a mobile traveling exhibit to entertain comedy fans of all ages.


The museum is designed to provide visitors with an educational yet entertaining history of comedy from the beginning of the century to present day, including radio, television, screen, stage and nightclub comedians. It will provide a melting pot of comedy performers including the great Afro-Americans comedians, women of comedy, ventriloquists, clowns, mimes and even cartoon characters. As an added feature for the student of comedy history, monthly comedy workshops are provided with instruction by accomplished comics, designed to encourage young comedians.


The museum has exhibits of over 450 world-renowned comedians spanning over 200 years in comedy history and representing every medium in the entertainment industry from Film, Radio, Stand-Up, Television, Theater and Vaudeville.


The exhibits, while including state of the art technology such as holograms, lasers, robotics and virtual reality, is workable by everyone from small children to people challenged with disabilities.


The National Comedy Hall of Fame is searching for donations of Comedian Artifacts for display in the Museum. If you have any artifacts such as films, photographs, posters and puppets or have knowledge of the location of these types of artifacts please contact Tony Belmont, Executive Director E-Mail comedyhall@aol.com or write to P.O. Box 20492, St Petersburg, FL 33742. All donations are 100% tax deductible.


As a gesture of appreciation to the wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to making us laugh, a portion of proceeds from admission to the Museum will be donated to the National Comedy Hall of Fame Foundation Trust Fund to provide financial assistance for major medical treatment required for comedians who are experiencing financial difficulties.

For more information please contact the National Comedy Hall of Fame at the following:

Email: comedyhall@aol.com

Mail: P.O. Box 20492

St Petersburg, FL 33742